Space Invaders OpenGL


A modern, revamped take on the classic Space Invaders


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Space Invaders OpenGL is a modern version of the classic Space Invaders game, in which, as is customary on these games, you´ll have to shoot down invading ships that drop form the top of the screen using your spaceship, located on the bottom part of the screen.

Gameplay is identical to that found on the original 1978 classic, the only difference you´ll see are its newer graphics which will, on top of everything, provide you with several different visual styles to enjoy. Plus, the setting options allow you to set the resolution and decide whether to activate ant aliasing, among several other options.

Space Invaders OpenGL is a very entertaining game that comes with the benefits of a timeless game play which it then spices up with nice graphics, a game that´s sure to delight more than a few.
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